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Time management Work from home! - E-book

Time management Work from home! - E-book

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Work from home - Time management

Imagine starting the day by opening your laptop, and earning money while eating breakfast. It sounds like a dream, right? But what if I told you, that only a few people have the discipline, and the willing to start chasing that dream? Now do you have what it takes, but need a helping hand to get started? 'Time management Work from home' Has everything you need to know about managing your time and what it takes to work on the sofa from home with your friends and family, and not in a dusty chair in a workplace, working for a strict boss.

  • Why E-books?

    E-books are portable and lightweight, making it easy to carry around. A single device is enough to read any number of books you want. You benefit the most out of it, as you do not have to carry a bag full of books every day. E-books can also be downloaded and stored for later use. It takes only 1 computer/iPhone to carry the E-book around and read them whenever they want. You can even go through the learning material while at home or even while traveling

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